Feed Your Soul Bakery manufactures cookie dough, oven fresh cookies and a variety of brownies and bars.  Our products are all natural, certified kosher OU dairy and made from only the finest ingredients.  The secret to our success lies not only in the integrity and uniqueness of our flavors, but in the quality of our process.  All of our recipes are made from scratch in small batches.  Our dough is a two-day progression.  This allows us to maintain a very specific taste and texture.

From the inception of Feed Your Soul , we have always believed that giving, no matter how much, can make a difference.  Feed Your Soul currently donates a portion of every purchase to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital…

We are humbled every day by our continued growth…by those who appreciate the quality and deliciousness that only come from simple, wholesome ingredients and the complex flavors that evolve by modernizing a timeless process. 




Feed Your Soul Bakery... The Story

There are few cookie companies that combine the quality and taste of an all-natural, gourmet cookie with an innate ability to inspire people one bite at a time. The company was founded on three core principles:

-Truly delicious, oven fresh cookies, made from the finest ingredients

- Inspirational words, because the right words can change someone’s world

- A means to give to those with less, because it can make a difference.

Prior to the conception of Feed Your Soul, it's founder was a Trader on the American Stock Exchange. During her time on Wall Street, she earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School. While her days and nights were full, Mya knew there was something more she was destined to accomplish. Mya began perfecting her signature gourmet cookie recipes, including an inspirational message with each gift and donating a portion from every purchase to charity. Before long, the orders began to pour in. UPS wheeled hundreds of packages down the hall daily and tins were delivered to her loading dock/ “apartment 5B.” She was baking 16 cookies at a time out of a studio apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey!

Feed Your Soul has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings in 2005. It carries a loyal following and a brand that is timeless. We hope you enjoy our product and continue to spread the goodness. We also hope this story inspires you to follow your dreams. After all, it is the sweetest things in life that truly Feed Your Soul....